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Competition today is a 24/7 proposition, if your financial marketing communications strategy is not working as hard as you are, take a closer look at AlphaSegment. A joint production of the creative financial marketing team of John Drachman and Zita Ivacs, AlphaSegment is grounded in the premise that no financial services professional can afford to overlook the creativity, cost-efficiencies and free bandwidth of online marketing.

Gain the edge you need in the markets you want with AlphaSegment.

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John Drachman
Team leader, senior writer, creative concepts, founder and principal
As an award-winning writer, John has developed marketing communications initiatives for dozens of money managers for more than 20 years. With executive experience in the investment industry, John combines editorial skill and marketing knowledge in helping advisors, money managers and service providers to grow and retain assets. As a Series 7 Registered Representative, he brings a broad understanding of the strategic and creative challenges faced by financial professionals. Applying sound journalistic principles to the story telling process, John has the creativity and discipline to turn complex ideas into compelling and actionable messages.

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Web developer, web designer
Norman’s goal is to make sure each new web site has the potential to stay intriguing, fresh and informative enough to keep visitors coming back. Giving digital expression to each client’s online brand in a way that is engaging and actionable, Norman can help ensure that a client’s vision translates clearly into coherent messaging strategies throughout the web. His broad skill set encompasses WordPress, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

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Director of marketing strategies, program developer, writer, senior account manager

A mainstay in the Greater Boston financial service marketing scene for 25 years, Charles has assembled and led major marketing efforts as a Managing Director for Putnam Investments and head of marketing for Colonial Investments.  More recently, he created two ground-breaking technology ventures.  As a journalist, financial services executive and entrepreneur, Charles brings a reductivist, “business first” sensibility to every assignment.

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Senior advisor, new business development, client sales strategies

Don advises broker/dealers and asset managers on how best to use AlphaSegment’s creative and analytical marketing resources in business development and asset gathering. He has played senior sales and marketing roles at MFS, Prudential, State Street Research and Kemper over his three-decade career. As a salesperson in his own right and author of Wholesaling Is Easy, Selling Is Hard, Don also specializes in start-ups, organizational strategies, team building and sales training.

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adam goldberg
Digital strategist, account manager

Responsible for improving a company’s search results, Adam creates SEO campaigns and improves site rankings in major search engines. Knowledgeable of the best practices of investor psychology, he reviews and analyzes client sites for areas that need to be improved and revised. Energetic and detail-oriented, Adam knows how to  identify the least expensive, most profitable way for clients to reach a broader marketplace.

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