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When one Midwestern fund manager wanted to expand the reach of their global institutional product they asked members of the team to develop a web – based thought leadership campaign that combined a bold identity with robust e – mail marketing.

Explore the creative concepts behind one firm’s leadership in global investing. See how one money manager simplified their message to build investor comfort – and sales.

Merge your thought leadership efforts with a web – based marketing strategy you can measure.

  • What are you doing to build your client base through web marketing?
  • We’ll show you how your content can provide a platform for email marketing campaigns and lead scoring.
  • The key is segment-based automated marketing. Through our partnership with CaptureTrackConvert we can help you design  a successful lead nurturing and client conversion strategy
  • What is Automated Marketing Technology?

Automated marketing technology allows you to create targeted online marketing programs that drive awareness and interest about your products and services, while allowing you to nurture and track prospect interest based on their behaviors on your web site.

Additionally, automated marketing technology allows you to implement your own online “sales funnel.” By using the power of automated technology to pre – qualify your leads and score their interactions, you have the system in place to automatically notify you when they are sales ready and most likely to be receptive to a sales call.